Dr. Alex Ganose

Lecturer, Imperial College London

Co-investigator, Materials Project

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Alex Ganose is a Lecturer and EPSRC Fellow in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London.

His research uses computational materials chemistry, machine learning, and data science to design new materials for pressing problems, including renewable energy generation (photovoltaics & thermoelectrics) and energy storage.

Alex was awarded his EngD in chemistry from University College London in 2018. After a Postdoctoral position at Berkeley Lab, California he joined Imperial as an EPSRC Fellow in 2021. In 2022, he was appointed as a Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry. He is a co-investigator at the Materials Project.

You can contact Dr Alex Ganose by email.

PhD Students

Ruiqi Wu

Project: Designing novel photovoltaics through machine learning


Ruiqi grew up in China, from a small city where Tofu is believed to originate from. She obtained undergraduate degrees in Materials Engineering at both the University of British Columbia (Canada) and Chongqing University (China) where she investigated metal processing, batteries and transistors. After graduating with a distinction in Advanced Materials Science from UCL, Ruiqi joined the group in November 2022 as the first PhD student, focusing on designing earth-abundant photovoltaics. When she’s not studying, Ruiqi enjoys cooking, manga and fossil hunting.

Yifan Wu

Project: Accelerating materials synthesis and computation

Co-supervisor: Prof. Aron Walsh

Irea Mosquera Louis

Project: Defect representations in solid-state materials

Co-supervisor: Prof. Aron Walsh

Leo Lou

Project: Machine learning to accelerate the discovery of energy materials


Shirui Wang

Project: Finite-temperature materials discovery

Masters Students

Emad Uddin

Project: ML accelerated materials discovery